Why is it worth investing in a solar battery?

Is it worth investing in a solar battery storage system?

If you already have Solar PV panels, or you’re planning to invest in some, you will know that they generate energy from daylight, which you can use as it is generated.  While this is an amazing cost saving initiative, with obvious environmental benefits, the downside is that you have to use the electricity as you generate it, and any that you don’t use is passed back to the grid.  Any extra energy that you need, for example on an evening, is charged for by your electricity provider.

This is why a solar battery storage system could be a worthwhile investment.  If you have a higher demand for power in the evening, then you can store the power you generate during the day and don’t use and then use it in the evening, instead of paying your energy provider for that power.  depending on you’re the amount of energy you need, the amount you create via Solar PV, and the amount that you pass back to the grid.


How do solar batteries work?

Solar battery storage systems can be fitted to most solar pv systems.  They store excess energy for use at a later date rather than passing it back to the grid.  Some batteries also have their own inverter and offer integrated energy conversion.  The higher a battery’s capacity, the more energy it can store.

A renewable energy specialist such as Myelectrical-Renewables, can advise you on the best battery storage system to meet your needs.

Once your battery is full, you may still be able to pass energy back to the grid, this is wholly dependent on your unique energy consumption.  Conversely you may use up all the energy from your battery and still need to draw from the grid.


How much do battery storage systems cost?

The cost of a battery storage system is influenced by a number of factors:-

Storage Size – measured in kWh

Output – measured in kW

Brand – there are a wide variety of brands on the market

Myelectrical-Renewables supply 3 leading brands Tesla, Sonnen and GivEnergy

Prices range from £2,000 to £10,000.  If you are planning on investing in one you should speak to a specialist installer who will advise you on the best system to meet your needs.


What are the benefits?

  • Use the power from the battery automatically in high demand times
  • Keep the lights on in a power cut
  • Use your surplus solar energy to charge your battery
  • Get cheaper electricity from your green energy provider
  • Charge your battery off peak in the night at a lower rate


Is it better for the environment?

The main benefit of solar pv and solar battery storage means less reliance on fossil fuels which is will reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.

If you live in a remote location, solar pv and solar batteries are an excellent alternative to forms of fuel for heating such as gas or oil.


How long do solar batteries last?

Most batteries come with a 10 year warranty, although you should check this if you are planning to buy a specific brand.  On average, solar batteries are designed to operate for a 15-20 year period.


How much energy do they produce?

Much like ordinary batteries, solar batteries have a variety of capacity ratings. This refers to the maximum amount of electricity they can hold at any one time.  The range is usually one kilowatt to 10 kilowatts.

What is the future for solar batteries?

Technology moves forward all the time and solar batteries are no exception.  Stand-alone solar charger units are becoming more popular, so you can recharge your phone or tablet without drawing from the National Grid.  These can sometimes be found in business, retail or hospitality locations.  Undoubtedly, solar power will become more and more popular as we all need to switch to renewable energy sources.


How do I go about getting a solar battery?

The first thing to consider is if you already have solar PV panels fitted? Then more than likely a solar battery can be installed.  However, if you are at the beginning of your renewable energy journey then you might want to consider installing both together.  There is a government incentive available if you purchase both at the same time, where the VAT on the battery is reduced from 20% to 5%.


Where would a solar battery be installed?

Solar batteries can be installed directly to an inside wall or garage.  Some brands can even be mounted outside, and they are totally weatherproof so there is no need to worry about them getting damaged by rain.


What types of solar battery are available?

While there are currently four types of solar battery on the market: lead acid, lithium ion, nickel cadmium and flow.


Which solar battery should I choose?

It is always worth speaking to a specialist installer such as Myelectrical-Renewables to discuss what kind of battery is right for your needs.  Each manufacturer has their own advantages including control systems, apps and tailored storage.


Can I have a storage battery if I don’t have Solar panels?

Yes.  It is possible to take advantage of the variable pricing options on offer from energy providers such as Octopus Energy, where you can buy energy when the price is low (known as plunge pricing) and then store it in your battery for use at a later date.

Myelectrical-Renewables provides and installs Solar PV and Solar battery systems to homes and businesses across the Yorkshire region.  Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.