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Solar PV for Home

Myelectrical-Renewables are specialists in the installation of Solar PV for homes.

We are MCS certified (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) which means that we have demonstrated quality and reliability as an installer of Solar PV.

As a local business, we provides a seamless service from the first phone call to the installation itself.

We can carry out a survey of your home and advise you on the right size of Solar PV to meet your needs.

How can your home benefit from Solar PV?

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that reduces your carbon footprint by allowing you to convert light provided by the sun into energy to power your home.

In addition to this, Solar PV for your home can also reduce the cost of your bills and protect you from price hikes that are common from mainstream energy providers.

At least 1 million homes in the UK have now switched to Solar PV. There is so much to be gained from switching to Solar PV today, and our installers are both experienced and reliable, always ensuring a smooth transition to your new energy system.

How Do Solar PV panels work?

The panels are made up of smaller solar cells and semi-conductors which, when sunlight or daylight ‘hits’ them, creates an electric current. An inverter then converts this into an alternating current which then flows through your electrical system. The amount of energy created depends on the size of panels and capacity of the local power grid. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cloudy day or cold weather, an electric current is still created by the daylight.

Did you know? Even though the UK weather isn’t always the sunniest – your solar panels will still work, as they use light to produce energy, not heat. Your solar panels will still work, even on those cloudy days.

At My Electrical-Renewables we can install, maintain and advise on all your Solar PV needs for both your home and business here in the UK. We can help advise on the best Solar Panels for you and your requirements and can assist in choosing the best system for your home, to providing the full install and maintenance. We have a professional team of installers and can even maintain your existing system if needed. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Do you need planning permission in order to install Solar PV?

Solar panels are regarded as “permitted developments” and as such do not need planning permission in order to install. However, we would recommend double checking with your local authority, in case of any specific restrictions in your particular area.

Battery Storage

Combining with other renewable systems may also be be beneficial to your setup. Your system may also benefit from installing a solar battery storage system which enables you to store the electricity that you generate and use it when demand is high. To learn more about our Battery Storage systems, please click the link below.