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Solar PV for Business

Commercial installations are our speciality and we are happy to carry out a site visit so we can offer you the best advice.

Our expertise has attracted a wide selection of commercial customers.

We take care of the specification, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance.

If you have a tight timescale, then let us know and we will do our best to meet it.

As well as the intrinsic benefits of solar energy, your business will have improved green credentials by reducing your carbon emissions.

If you are a larger business, then the chances are you’ll have a roof area or space that is suitable for solar PV installation.

If you own land as part of your business, then an open space can also be suitable for ground mounted panel setup.


Businesses that could benefit from Solar PV

If your business uses a lot of electricity you could reduce your costs by installing Solar PV panels.  Here are some examples of businesses that could benefit:

Campsites offering electric hook-up



Holiday homes offering 
hot tubs

You may also benefit from installing a solar battery storage system which enables you to store the electricity that you generate and use it when demand is high.