We can help you become energy efficient and leave a smaller carbon footprint behind.
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Here at MYelectrical-Renewables, we can help you become energy efficient and leave a smaller carbon footprint behind.

We can advise, quote and install products that generate renewable energy.

While we are a small business, our knowledge of this sector is excellent and we can offer professional advice on what will best meet your needs and the costs involved.

We help our customers at every stage and will explain the finer details from the start … and we always leave a premises in a clean and tidy state.

What are ‘renewables?’

Renewable energy sources harness what nature provides – wind, waves and sun – and turn them into reliable, clean energy for homes and businesses.

Commonly known as renewables, the future will increasingly use these climate-friendly resources and the entire energy industry is evolving as a result.

Everyone benefits from using renewable energy sources: the world’s population; businesses; wildlife; and future generations.

The UK is getting a good reputation for using renewable sources with around 25% of electricity output now sourced from renewable, natural providers.

It is hoped by 2050, our energy needs can be met by 95% from renewable sources, which is great news for the planet and for future generations.

Other sources of renewable energy include biomass and geothermal.

Biomass energy is created from wood and wood waste, biogas, ethanol and biodiesel.

Geothermal captures Earth’s internal heat and converts it into electricity.


Why must we stop burning fossil fuels?

The human race has burned fossil fuels since the beginning of time.

From burning wood to keep warm to the Industrial Revolution, we have relied on coal, gas and latterly oil to provide energy.

However fossil fuels are not good news for the environment and are thought to be one of the main factors in global warming and climate change.

Also, fossil fuels are a finite resource. Eventually they will run out … what happens then?

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Is it cheaper to use renewables?


Prices for installing renewable energy systems are dropping. The price of solar PV panels has dropped significantly since they first emerged four decades ago.

There are a range of government initiatives in place to support the targets for renewable energy.  These include:


Renewable Heat Incentive

This scheme is set up to encourage update of renewable heat technologies among businesses, householders and communities through financial incentives.

The scheme has a number of phases with the first phase being a cash payment to those property owners who install renewable heat generation. They are then paid on a quarterly basis over seven years and in many cases the payments outweigh the installation costs.

Combine this with the savings made on heating bills, there is a good return on investment and the outlay is usually paid within four to five years.

Those that can claim include owner-occupiers, self-build projects, landlords and registered social housing providers, single domestic  dwellings are also covered.

Those that are not covered are new build properties with the exception of self-build projects.

Applicants must apply within one year of the commissioning date of your system and cannot be applied for retrospectively.

Applications are made via the Ofgem website.


Green Homes Grant

This scheme is set up by the UK Government to help people in the UK to reduce carbon emissions and one way in which to do this is to have a heat pump installed.

The Green Homes Grant (GHG) enables up to two thirds of the installation costs to be recouped and the sum goes up to £5000, or £10,000 if you are on certain benefits. This sum goes towards an ASHP.

If you have already implemented other measures, such as solar PV or insulated cavity walls, underfloor areas or roof conversions, you can still apply for a GHG.

Those that can apply can be owner-occupiers, long leaseholders, homes of shared ownership, private landlords, registered providers of social housing, park home-owners, homeowners on certain benefits. It is not available for new-build homes.

Homeowners should contact Simple Energy Advice (SEA) to receive advice and if your home is eligible for funding.

Advantages of Renewables

Apart from the obvious advantages for Planet Earth and our grandchildren, you can cut your energy costs and sometimes get paid for the electricity you produce.

Your carbon footprint becomes smaller as renewable sources of energy do not release  carbon dioxide (which fossils fuels do).

How do renewables work together?

Some renewable products complement each other really well, and help maximise cost savings, while minimising impact on the environment.  

Energy from solar panels can power EV chargers and Heat Pumps, nd the excess can be stored in a battery for future use.

How can we help you?

The future will be with renewable sources and here at MYelectrical-Renewables, we are ready.  We make sure that we keep up with changes in the renewable energy sector so that we can advise you on what would be right for you in your particular situation.

We have invested in our business and our people to ensure that we offer the best possible services to our customers.