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What are the benefits of having a battery installed?

  • Use your surplus solar energy to charge your battery
  • Use the power from the battery automatically in high demand times
  • Have a dedicated circuit stay on in a power cut
  • Get cheaper electricity from your green energy provider
  • Charge your battery off peak in the night at a lower rate
  • GivEnergy offer larger bespoke packages ranging right up to large commercial systems of 500kW capacity.


Benefits of GivEnergy

App / portal

Bespoke control logic & monitoring platform portal

Emergency back up

Dedicated areas of your home


10 years

Storage capacity

Scalable battery solutions 2.6kWh; 5.2kWh; 8.2kWh; 16.4kWh

Tech support team

UK based


Compatible with Octopus Energy fixed and agile tariffs

Hybrid battery system

DC power straight from panels to battery

Costs from


GivEnergy Monitoring Portal