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What is Solar Battery Storage?

Using solar energy to power your home can have numerous benefits, including lower energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

Now you can add a battery storage system which enables you to store the energy that you don’t use, making your solar panels work even harder for you.

MYelectrical-Renewables can recommend and install a solar battery storage system that meets the unique needs of your home or business.

How do battery systems work?

The batteries work in tandem with your solar panel system, and store unused energy ready for when you need it within your home or business.

Installing a solar battery storage system will further reduce your energy costs by enabling you to use the energy that you created and didn’t use during the day, on an evening when your panels are no longer generating energy.

The higher your battery’s capacity, the more energy you can store.


What are the benefits of having a battery installed?

Use your surplus solar energy to charge your battery 

Use the power from the battery automatically in high demand times 

Keep the lights on in a power cut 

Get cheaper electricity from your green energy provider

Charge your battery off peak in the night at a lower rate

Types of batteries

There are a wide range of brands and types on the market. In order to give our customers a choice of product, we have partnered with 3 of the leading renewable energy storage battery brands.

We have an in-depth knowledge of each of the battery types and can advise which one would suit your circumstances and requirements.

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